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Sci-Fi Shooter ‘Morning Star’ Unveiled

Morning Star is ambitious, if anything. This morning, Industrial Toys unveiled its first game, Morning Star, to the world. It’s a sci-fi shooter set to hit in spring 2013 across iPhone and iPad and, possibly, Android. But it’s not just a sci-fi shooter. According to Industrial Toys, it’s a “re-imagining of the sci-fi shooter for touch.” Also, it’s being made specifically for people who play video games regularly.

Morning Star puts you in the space boots of a dude named Charlie Campbell in the year 2132. The game begins with Campbell stumbling onto what its believed to be an alien SOS on Saturn’s moon, Titan. It isn’t an SOS. It’s a world-destroying teleportation thing that blows up the sun and whisks Campbell away to a planet ruled by an angry alien that kinda looks like that one guy from Mortal Kombat 2 but with cooler armor.

A cool premise coupled with the promise of neat scenarios and solid controls is what is making us excited about Morning Star. Plus, it appears to be a looker, right? We’ll see for sure in 2013, though we’d imagine we’ll have more to share with you on this game in the near future.



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